Best-Selling Book Funnel

Purpose of this Funnel: Best-selling book funnel was created to help aspiring authors sell and launch their book easily.
For which Industry? : Professionals, Students, Entrepreneurs, Educators
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About Best-Selling Book Funnel

Are you an author? Do you have books or ebooks that you want to sell online? You need Best-selling book funnel to help you sell your books easily and effectively.

Selling or launching a new book can be both exciting and challenging. When you write your first book, you want it to be the best book that people will buy, read and be inspired. Now the hard part is, how are you going to promote or market your book effectively and make sales from it? Truth be told, once you finished a book, you need to dedicate 90% of your marketing effort in it and launching takes time than what you think.

If you don’t want your prospects to slip away into your competitors, you need high converting sales funnel to sell your books and improve your audiences. Even the best-selling authors are using book funnels to organize, analyze and follow up with their sales leads.

Give your book a chance to succeed. Launch big by gathering your targeted email list. Know your readers and price your book like a pro and most importantly, promote the smart way through Best-Selling Book Funnel.

How many steps are in this Funnel?

Step 1 – The Free Book Offer

Step 2 – The Big Upsell

Step 3  – The Thank You