Membership Funnel

Purpose of this Funnel: To deliver your content to people and manage the members of your website
For which Industry? : For every Industry out there
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About Membership Funnel

Running a membership site is a goal of every entrepreneur. There are numerous membership sites on the web and if you’re a start-up, you might think it would be difficult to compete with these existing sites or set your own in order to achieve massive amounts of members in your website.

Through membership funnel, you can now deliver your content by creating your membership portal, be it a product or services, to your prospects in a unique and easy way. With membership access page, you can easily customize the design of the log in pages to make it look good, add content for the member area and set up an account to the members area.

Generally, the membership funnel features the access pages, registration pages and content pages which can be locked based on the action of a member that is being done inside the sales funnel. With this funnel, you can securely manage your member, build a community and send updates of your products or service through email notifications.

So if you have something you want to share with people particularly your targeted customers, setting up a membership site funnel is the way to go.

How many steps are in this Funnel?

To know more about this funnel, follow these steps;

Step 1 – Landing Page

Step 2 – Sales Page

Step 3 – Member Access Page