Product Launch Funnel

Purpose of this Funnel: To effectively launch a product
For which Industry? : For every Industry out there
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About Product Launch Funnel

Preparing products for a launch can be a daunting task particularly for new businesses. But with some good planning and strategy, you can be sure a product launch will go off without a hitch.

An effective product launch could mean more sales, returning customers and positive ROI. Nowadays, a lot of companies are spending thousands of dollars for product development and
monitor the entire procedure for success.

Each new product is a challenge and timing is very important in order to attract customers and optimize profit. Other factors that need to be considered when launching new products include price, product name, marketing channels, targeted audiences, competitors, product
testing and product reviews.

So if you’re planning to launch your products through your website, utilizing product launch funnel is a smart choice. Product launch funnel was designed to help businesses the effective ways to launch new product and it’s proven to work in several various brands.

It works by developing the expectations for your new product through multiple resources including videos and graphics for a launch day.

How many steps are in this Funnel?

Step 1 – Opt in page

Step 2 – The Introduction

Step 3 – The “Working Part” Page

Step 4 – The Rinse And Repeat Page

Step 5 – The Conclusion Page